Anyeong haseyo 🚀 Yorkseeders! #24

What's Cooking This Week? Oct 30th - Nov 6th

🚀 Greetings Yorkseeder!

Today’s Hello is in Korean 🇰🇷, Anyeong haseyo 안녕하세요 (AHN-young-ha-say-yo) :-) What’s cooking this week within the Yorkseed radar?

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The Bunchful Awards & Future of Philanthropy World Summit : Where Impact Meets Innovation🌟- November 8th Lincoln Center NYC

Discover inspiring stories of philanthropy's impact and the crucial role we all can play. Our summit spotlights cutting-edge technologies that enhance societal well-being, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Summit: Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Workshops, Networking 9:00AM to 5:00PM | Awards Reception: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

In Partnership with Yorkseed, Bunchful is providing a 25% discount to all Yorkseed members. Code: YSBUNCH25 «Ticket»

NYC Hub Yorkseed Pre-seed and ups Founders x Investors mixer on October 24th was a success where so many inspiring individuals came together, and I truly believe that every single conversation that took place has the potential to open doors to exciting possibilities, whether they be in investments, potential partnerships, or collaboration opportunities.

A big shoutout and heartfelt thanks to Irregular Hours and Profitability Partner. Without their support, the evening wouldn't have been the same.

Link to event photo album

October 30th - November 6th


MAINnet - 11/1


Los Angeles

Bay Area

CoS SF Mixer - 10/30








Pitch It! - 11/2



Buenos Aires

Rio de Janeiro

Hong Kong


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Our WhatsApp Global hubs are where I will be strictly sharing special events that are happening around the local city related to Founders + Investors + Tech Executives focus only.

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Looking for volunteers to run some of these hubs. Paris, New York City, Austin, Miami, D.C., Los Angeles, Bay Area, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Sydney, Munich, Berlin, Helsinki, Rio, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Montreal. Some people already interested in some of them, though I do need more! If you are from a city that is not on the list and are interested in creating a local hub, please reach out to me!

What does a local hub volunteer / co-organizer do?

  • Run a YorkseedTM event once a month. It must be Founders + Investors + Tech Executives focus. I am open to all sort of events from happy hours to panels, or even demo nights. To make it easier, it can be a co-branded event with another company.

  • Collect mailing list, YorkseedTM database building from all the attendees. Partnership, investor or collaboration opportunities for YS.

  • Feed me any local events you know will be coming up in the local city, and I will include them the newsletter.

The perks of being a local hub volunteer? You are exposed to high-level individuals, and infinite opportunities will come your way!

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We added a new Yorkseed General Support Group! This is general support system for anyone in the idea stage, early stage, or facing hardship while building your startups. In this group you’ll meet other technical people or entrepreneurs who face challenges. You are not alone in this journey.

YorkseedTM is partnering up with Croissant! Croissant is an app that provides on-demand access to co-working spaces in NYC & cities around the world. Drop by for a few focused hours or stay for the whole day with (usually free!) coffee & fresh inspiration. As a partner with Croissant, Yorkseeders can use this link to get 30% off your first three months!