🎄Happy Holidays Yorkseeder 🎁

Happy Holidays! 🎁

🚀 Happy Holidays Everyone 🎅

As we near the end of 2023, we would like to extend our warmest wishes for a joyful and safe holiday season to all. Thank you so much for your continuous support and love throughout the year - the experiences that we provided was only possible because of you ❤️

Our Journey So Far …

Yorkseed is an exclusive global venture community for founders and investors by Jessica Sophia Wong. We bridge entrepreneurs and investors while linking founders to diverse markets and establishing global hubs to expand investor reach.

Yorkseed began unexpectedly after a spreadsheet gained popularity at the SXSW conference, prompting me to form a company. In just 9 months, we've amassed over 1.2k members across 15 global city hubs, with the newsletter, just 6 months old, attracting over 2.4K subscribers alone. We've hosted 8 exclusive global events in 3 countries, 4 cities and continue to expand.

We organize exclusive events for founders and investors at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey (Did you know YS only has been around since April 2023). Our community prides itself on the strict application process we have in place for attendees, ensuring that only high-quality individuals are part of our events. We are eagerly anticipating what 2024 will bring!

Happy Holidays! 🥰 

Founder / CEO

Jessica Sophia Wong / [email protected]

Founders looking to raise or sell / Investors - looking for deal flow / Executives looking to work together

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