Namaste 🚀 Yorkseeders! #9

What's Cooking This Week?

🚀 Greetings Yorkseeder!

Today’s Hello is in Hindi, Namaste (नमस्ते) 🇮🇳 :-) I will only share carefully curated Founders & Investors events in my newsletter, if you would like to sponsor us, write me at [email protected] 

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A little housekeeping...

I attended the Startupfest conference in Montreal last week, and it was an incredible event! Have you seen my list that revolved around the conference? I met so many amazing and inspiring people, can’t wait to see you guys again and make magic happen!

We have a photo album, check it out here!

Our first NYC Exclusive Investors and Founders Mixers since SXSW Austin March 2023 was a hit!

  • Capped out approval attendees were 100, 30+ more on the waitlist.

  • Over 90% attendance rate, investors at 45% rate.

  • All approved founders were Early stage and up with MVP / Website

  • Attended investors were angels, VCs, LPs, accelerators included Techstars and Family Offices.

Special thanks to our co-host Cuculi, venue sponsor Nomadworks, sponsors Croissant and T-shirts Matters, and our volunteers! Event photo album is in here!

What is cooking this week within the Yorkseed radar?

July 17th - July 24th


Tech Walk - 7/19


Bay Area

Los Angeles

Qoworking - 7/19









Buenos Aires


Hong Kong

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Message from the Yorkseed House ...

Our WhatsApp Global hubs are where I will be strictly sharing special events that are happening around the local city related to Founders + Investors + Tech Executives focus only.

Our WhatsApp Conference Groups are for conferences goers to share invites, arrange meetups and set meetings specifically for Founders + Investors + Tech Executives focus only. We also provide a spreadsheet of non-badge holder master side event list for all conference goers! We believe everyone should have access to all the top notch side events without paying a premium price!

Looking for volunteers to run some of these hubs. New York City, Austin, Miami, D.C., Los Angeles, Bay Area, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Sydney, Munich, Berlin, Helsinki, Rio, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Montreal. Some people already interested in some of them, though I do need more! If you are from a city that is not on the list and are interested in creating a local hub, please reach out to me!

What does a local hub volunteer / co-organizer do?

  • Run a YorkseedTM event once a month. It must be Founders + Investors + Tech Executives focus. I am open to all sort of events from happy hours to panels, or even demo nights. To make it easier, it can be a co-branded event with another company.

  • Collect mailing list, YorkseedTM database building from all the attendees. Partnership, investor or collaboration opportunities for YS.

  • Feed me any local events you know will be coming up in the local city, and I will include them the newsletter.

The perks of being a local hub volunteer? You are exposed to high-level individuals, and infinite opportunities will come your way!

Sounds exciting for you? Write me at  [email protected] / Jessica Sophia Wong

❤️ Join our database 👉

I am in a process of curating a several exclusive mailing list, all the collected information is private and will not be shared. What do I do with it? Exclusive event invites, founders + investors matching from different sectors and some other cool stuff.

If you would like to register in our public database, please fill out the Google form above and select the part where you provide your consent to be on the public list.

Interested to sponsor this newsletter or partner on in-person events in NYC or one of the local hubs, write me at : [email protected] 

YorkseedTM is partnering up with Croissant! Croissant is an app that provides on-demand access to co-working spaces in NYC & cities around the world. Drop by for a few focused hours or stay for the whole day with (usually free!) coffee & fresh inspiration. As a partner with Croissant, Yorkseeders can use this link to get 30% off your first three months!